Tidal Purgatory


Versión EPUB. Today I´m going to give you a gift. A dark one. But a precious gift nevertheless. Keep reading.

There are books to be read just once. Most of them aren´t even worthwhile doing so.

Then there are some other -fewer- books you´ll read several times and enjoy.

It´s not the case of “Tidal Purgatory”: surely you´ll read it four or five times at least before you die. Only you won´t enjoy it. Not at all. But you´ll keep on reading it nonetheless, as time… and love go by.

You´ll need to read it, in fact.

When alone again. Then you´ll remember there´s something almost forgotten that can share your loneliness. My book.

“Tidal Purgatory”.

We all want love to last forever. Only you know it was only a daydream. Once again.

That´s why I wrote this book. For all those who, like you, feel anger, sadness, solitude. For all those who mourn for a lost love now. Once. Tomorrow.

“Tidal Purgatory” will be there, waiting patiently for your call everytime you need it. For just € 0.89. A mere nothing compared with the prize of a torn heart, isn´t it?

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